Click to view my demo reel Click Here to return to the Home Page Film Work by Joseph R Vance Fine Art by Joseph R Vance Technical Art by Joseph R Vance About Joseph R Vance  Affiliations and Colleagues of Joseph R Vance Click to review my résumé  oseph developed his career as an artist at a young age. Through high school, he worked as a street artist and freelancer in the city of New Orleans. Joseph served honorably in the US Army for eight years. During his time of service, leadership qualities and teamwork ethics were driven into the moral fiber of Joseph's being solidifying his personality. Joseph also worked as a techno-music producer and DJ while maintaining his presence as an artist. As the styles of music changed, so did his artistic mediums. Joseph extended his media choices from only pen and paints to building relief sculptures and adding in etched glass. Joseph attended college initially at Spencerian College where he developed talents working in computer graphics and multimedia film. He then furthered his education attending Savannah College of Art and Design. Joseph teamed up with Brandon Dunaway and developed new processes using Houdini. Following through with the positive momentum, these two colleagues developed several larger projects that turned into short films distributed at film festivals. After college, Joseph traveled to New Orleans. He co-founded Lucid SFX Development with his wife Nesrin. The company began with local commercials and design. Nine months into the business LSD landed its first feature film, opening for many more to come. As part of the momentum, Joseph developed festival called FEAR in New Orleans. This groundbreaking festival internationally linked the worlds of Special Effects with Visual Effects and Sound Effects. As source funding opportunities changed, Joseph looked to other opportunities, finding himself work as an audiovisual production specialist for the federal government. This current rung on Joseph's career ladder has given opportunity to develop and supervise an award winning team through internal employee relations and public affairs with video, multimedia, print and video telecommunication projects. Though the places Joseph practices his art forms may change,
his creativity is always evident and inspirational. J