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     Storytelling has always incorporated some sort of over-acting,special make-up, prop or backdrop in order to emphasize or aid in the audience's imagination. Many times over, the effects work became the entire show or story. Storytellers utilize illusions created with mood lighting, real as well as CG props and make-ups.  The idea behind a good movie is to draw an audience into the thoughts and emotion of a story. The work of a film crew is to create such a believable sense of temporal illusion that the audience becomes part of the action, feels the drama and lives the epic. The emotional senses of the audience should be at the mercy of the director if the movie is a complete success.


      One ideal that seems to continue to be a question is whether or not visual effects are better than practical effects or vice versa. Traditionalists argue for practical, while most next gen artists pull mainly for cg. In truth, neither are better. The type of effects used for a shot should be determined by which effects would solve the equation in the most efficient manner. An example of this would be a facial prosthetic can be used for extended periods of time an modified to include wear and tear easier than loads of time incumbent cg modeling and animation to achieve the same effect. Respectively, a tornado moving through and destroying a trailer park can be simulated much easier using computer generated effects, models and environments, than the labor intensive work to build a mock set and hope for luck of getting the shot right the first time through. The idea must also be put forth that computer generated sound becomes choice when a natural sound does not or cannot be produced efficiently.

My First VSFX Demo

Sneaking Girl

Creating Phenomena

Creating and Environment

Informing an Audience

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